If you're looking for the perfect dress for the holidays... you've found it!

Named after the iconic Old Hollywood star Vivien Leigh.

A beautiful new 1950s inspired autumn design by Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture... The Hedy Dress.

Inspired by the Old Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr. 

A brand new gem by Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture...

Designed to make your 1950s dreams come true...

The Paulette dress... A brand new 1930s inspired day dress by Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture.

Cute, sexy and guaranteed to turn a lot of heads!

Inspired by the icon Audrey Hepburn herself... This is a 1950s piece that every woman needs... 

The Dolores Dress is the first Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture piece that was inspired by the 1930s.

The elegance of this decade holds a very special place in my heart.